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Are all green powders created equal?

    When looking at green food powders, the more juice powder it contains, the better it is.
    Many products are made from cereal grasses (barley, oat, wheat, etc.) that have been ground or milled. These products contain a high amount of fiber.
    It is true that fiber from ordinary vegetables such as carrots, beets, celery, or spinach is beneficial for our bodies; however cereal grass fiber is very hard to digest and can become trapped in the villi of the intestine and can cause distress.
    The process whereby companies dry their products is also vital to the quality of the product. For optimal results, a low-temperature quick-drying process is necessary to ensure that the nutrients and enzymes are active and intact. High temperatures damage the fragile enzymes.
    Another characteristic of high quality products is that they are organically grown in an unpolluted environment. Only a part of the ingredients in many products are organically grown.