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   Are all colloidal silver products equal? MORE IS NOT BETTER. There has been a lot of controversy about how much silver a Colloidal Silver solution should contain. The amount of actual silver in a Colloidal Silver solution is generally measured in parts per million (ppm). The term parts per million in relation to Colloidal Silver means the number of parts of silver for every million parts of water the solution contains. Parts per million does not refer to the number of silver particles in the solution, but rather to the overall amount of silver in the solution.

   Many argue that if a small amount of silver works well (for example, 3 parts of silver for every million parts of water or 3 ppm), then a larger amount of silver would work better (for instance, 500 ppm, even up to 5,000 ppm). More silver (or ppm) in a Colloidal Silver solution doesn't necessarily make a more effective silver colloid--but smaller and more numerous particles do. Do not be fooled by higher concentrations of silver. Often, solutions of higher concentrations contain silver particles that are too large and fewer in number. As many researchers state, it is the small size and an enormously large number of colloid particles that make the colloidal solution effective.

   Simply adding more silver to colloidal silver solutions doesn't decrease particle size or increase the number of silver particles in the solution. Rather, it is the power of the electrical charge that is run through the silver electrodes when preparing colloidal silver that determines how small and how many silver particles will be released into the water. So rather than focusing exclusively on the amount of silver in your colloidal silver product or ppm, look for products that contain numerous small particles.

   Connection for Health Colloidal Silver has a PPM range of 15 to 20 ppm, with ultra small particles (0.001-0.007 microns in diameter). It has 100% bio-availability.